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We supply businesses with low energy lighting solutions that significantly reduce their energy and maintenance costs. Our focus is on LED lighting, which has become a reliable and effective technology over the past few years.

The lighting solutions that Finnergy recommend all comply with the required standards and certifications and are backed by strong manufacturers warranties.  The result is high performance, long lasting solutions that will help you reduce your energy costs by up to 80%.

We take a comprehensive approach to working with our customers. Finnergy will conduct a free lighting audit before making any recommendations, ensuring you get the right lighting solution and the optimum return on your investment.

We can also manage the project from beginning to end including design and installation, if this is what you require.

Finnergy’s approach and understanding of the LED lamp market will help you formulate the right plan for bringing this new technology into your business.

Our clients include Furniture Village, Integral, Boisdale, GVA Acuity, SSE Contracting and many more.



“Our goal is to help companies

reduce their energy consumption through the use of

efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting,

resulting in lower carbon emissions

and reduced costs”