Finnergy specifies, sources and installs sustainable LED lighting solutions for commercial buildings in the UK. 

All products are sourced from reputable and reliable manufacturers. 

We manage the project from beginning to end.



Please email or call us for an initial discussion about your proposed lighting upgrade project. All we need is ten minutes of your time and we will have a good idea of whether we can help your business to save energy and cost. We can also arrange a meeting if necessary to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Should you decide that you want to work with us to take the project further, we will at no charge to you:

  1. Perform a full audit of all the lamps and fixtures at your premises.
  2. Provide you with a report detailing the cost of the project, the predicted cost savings and Return on Investment calculations to help you decide whether the project is financially practically viable. In most cases, we find that the return on investment figure is between 1 and 2 years. With most good quality LED lamps lasting for up to 10 years, your company will continue to save money well after the capital investment has been returned.


If the project is approved:

  1. We will test and model suitable LED lamps or fixtures on site to determine which products work best in terms of light output, light colour and general suitability.
  2. Once lamps and fixtures have been approved, we will order all lamps and arrange installation.
  3. Following project completion and sign off, we continue to work with you to validate predicted savings.


Further services that we offer:

  • We will establish whether the project is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances.
  • We can source project financing options, should this be required.