Finnergy can now source and supply "best of breed" low energy lighting products. We are not tied to any particular manufacturer and will supply the lamps that best suit your requirements.


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Product range

Electronic engineering without compromise

Our focus is entirely on quality and we ensure that the design integrity of the products that we supply is maintained at all times.


Electronic Engineering 

‘Clean’ power must be delivered to the LED chip via a 'driver'. These drivers consist of a series of electronic components. It is critical to ensure that all components have a life expectancy at least equal to, if not exceeding that of the LED. The LED lamp is only as good as it's weakest component.


Thermal Design

Critical to the long life of an LED is minimising the temperature at ‘the junction’. We recommend products that effectively disperse heat through conduction and convection whilst ensuring a good thermal path at all times.


Manufacturing excellence and quality control

Good design needs to be backed by top class manufacturing processes and tight quality control. All products that Finnergy supply are manufactured to high standards and are backed by strong manufacturers warranties.


Test Standards & Certifications

We ensure that all the lamps that we supply meet the required test standards and certifications.